Fronton Pro
  • 27 Nov. 2013 - 8 Dec. 2013 (12 days)
  • Watch the trailer:
  • El Fronton, IBA FRONTON PRO

  • How to enter the competition? You just have to play the wave during the event's period and try the get the best score. Even if you ride only one wave you'll appear in the ranking.

  • How is the ranking calculated? For each day of the period, your rank will be used to give you points and establish the ranking. If you finish first you get 0 point, if you're second you get 1 point, third you get 2 points and so on. If you're last you get number of players points minus 1. If you don't play you get number of players points.

  • Quick advice: The best 4 days are added to make the final result.
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401sp.png Andresflip09707096969352000967600038431
402sp.png GuillePato90279619980300099820000038431
403as.png brah94450964696290097080000038428
404ci.png Galopando09348952300009806009740038417
405sp.png brais1000963596930095900949000038408
406po.png OfirBb99090089539797009739000038398
407fr.png juan1800000009507096359457978438383
408br.png garcciabb00009121965400009804975838337
409sp.png cabesita00094330964596150000964038333
410fr.png bradbodin96939185986200957300000038313
411es.png AZM 9995329368000009786961800038304
412hi.png 808chubs95169351009593009819000038279
413sp.png edu niebla00938495520000009752958338271
414po.png FFG92930096840096270966400038268
415uk.png alig667100009348983596290944300038255
417rq.png Versus1597040938809586957200000038250
418us.png Mike-Mo91919400009752000988900038232
419po.png odemirense93489644965809539000000038189
420au.png nath6400946909646932700974400038186
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