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First day of competition is in the books. The waves were cranking and it looks like Pillo got the word that he has a chance to clinch the world title in his own backyard. Pillo is a big wave rider and reports have come in that he doesn’t like competing in the small stuff. For day two, the waves on the smaller side so now is the time to strike if you didn’t fare too well on day one. #meduxamundakapro #meduxayouriding #yrleague #youriding GO RIDE NOW:

IT'S ON! The Meduxa Mundaka Pro is going down at the infamous Spanish wave of Mundaka. This perfect long left-hand point break slash river mouth break will definitely dish out high scoring rides. Be careful, the fresh water coming out of the river has less density than that of the salty Atlantic sea water. You'll be held down longer if you wipeout! Up for grabs for the winners of each division is a Meduxa tshirt, hat and sticker plus an exclusive event YouRiding event tshirt, a YR hat and sticker! This is it! The Meduxa Mundaka Pro IS ON! #meduxamundakapro #meduxayouriding #yrleague #youriding GO RIDE NOW:

EVENT CHANGE! BODYBOARDERS... Attention! We're happy to announce that Meduxa Mag​ will be sponsoring event 8 on the YouRiding Bodyboard World Tour. Also, we've moved the event from Reunion Island to Meduxa's backyard... Mundaka. Coming next week, you'll be treated to the Meduxa Mundaka Pro. Go practice today: > 

Our Roll Like Pat specialty event was very cool and informative. We've received a few emails thanking us for letting them know about Pat Caldwell (the inventor of the El Rollo). Congrats to Wex, JDR and TOMEX for taking the top three spots. FYI: The crew in the Live Ops department mentioned something about a GoPro Session that will be up for grabs in the next bodyboarding specialty event that'll run in conjunction with the Annaelle Challenge. Details soon. And finally, if you haven't heard, please start playing Firefox if you're a pc gamer. Thanks again and good luck in this week's world tour event. Go ride Barra de la Cruz now:>">

This week we head to Mexico for the 7th stop on the YouRiding Bodyboard World Tour. Barra de la Cruz serves up epic right hand waves that seem like they go forever. If the conditions are right, this could be a high scoring event. Good luck out there. Also, be sure to do your game play on Firefox as Chrome and IE may not kick up the swell. Here's the link to the game:
And here's the link to download the Firefox web browser:>">